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Trail Walking

Trail walking is the perfect activity for those of us who prefer more active holidays. Sometimes a break from urban life is just what we need to reconnect and rejuvenate. Explore the network of paths above the tree line or meander through a desert canyon. Go on, stretch your legs!


Majestic mountains and lush landscapes, it looks like nature is calling you. Whether it’s a hike in the woods, a journey into untouched wilderness, or a picnic by the sea, we’ve got scenery that will make you smile. After all, sometimes getting back to nature is just what you need.


A staple activity since the birth of travel, the great thing about sightseeing is that almost everywhere in the world has something worth visiting. From legendary spots like the Eiffel Tower, Niagara Falls and the Great Pyramid of Giza to lesser-known wonders (did you know there’s a spooky monument built of whale bones in Siberia?), there’s no greater way to get closer to a destination’s heart and soul.


There are few things more idyllic than lounging on a deserted beach, and few phrases more inviting than 'beach BBQ'. There's just something about feeling sand between your toes, tasting salt in the air and hearing waves lap the shore. These destinations offer all of this and more, with some of the best coastlines that the world has to offer.


Nature is known to amaze, and she does her best work in the mountains. Spend a day in the Alps and you’ll understand why certain peaks continue to inspire poets around the world. Search for your muse in Switzerland’s mile-high trails or under Japan’s snow-tipped summits. Climb to the top yourself or be content to watch from your balcony as the sun melts over a ridge at dusk.


From forts to fairy tales, castles have a stronghold on the imagination. Follow in the footsteps of royalty as you wander the halls that once kept the world's greatest rulers safe. A visit to these places will have you playing house on a whole different scale.

Gourmet Food

Dreaming of an exceptional epicurean experience? There’s no better way to get to know these destinations than through their food. Tantalize your taste buds with cuisines that turn heads on an international stage. These elite spots have a talent for fine dining. Sleek, swanky, and everything in between, you’ll fall in love with the food here.


Traveling brings memories – but also souvenirs. Big cities like Hong Kong, Paris, Tokyo, Milan, and New York offer the exclusive high-end indulgences of couture. But there’s much to be discovered in the lesser-known items. Try thrifting through handcrafted boutiques in Brooklyn or bargaining in the cacophonous souk stalls of Marrakech.


In these destinations, each street has a story and every building has a tale to tell. You can turn up with your guide book in hand and a route mapped out or simply see where the mood takes you. Either way, you can go on a journey through time to discover that history is closer than you think.


Where the fine art collects, you follow. Whether it’s the Rembrandts of the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam or the newest opening of Chelsea’s most modern gallery, you have a nose for aesthetic brilliance. You go where the work is cutting edge as well as classic. Your travels feed more than your soul, but your cultural resume. Art Basel anyone?

Budget Friendly

Putting a limit on the price shouldn’t have to limit your fun. It’s never been easier to travel on a budget. You can score a great deal in a hot destination or discover a new place just off the beaten track. String together an itinerary in these destinations that will give you bragging rights for the rest of the year.

University Visits

Visiting Universities?  Use our travel guide to search your city destination.
Discover things to do at your city destination.
Fast & Easy way to book your shelter so go visit your university for football home games, etc..
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